Regenerative Periodontal Surgery

The thrust of modern periodontal surgical therapy is to eliminate pockets by eliminating the infection and then helping the body grow back the destroyed bone and gum support for the teeth. Among the many procedures available to accomplish this task are bone grafts and guided tissue regeneration.

Guide Tissue & Bone Generation

This surgical procedure regenerates the lost bone and gum in a fascinating way. By placing a barrier or membrane over the bone defect and under the gum, we can cajole the body into growing new bone. The barrier serves to give exclusive access in the site of bone repair to those cells that grow bone, and at the same time exclude those cells that don’t.

Bone Grafting CartoonCartoon for Bone Grafting!

Some of these barriers are bioabsorbable and some require removal. Other regenerative procedures involve the use of bioactive gels that induce the formation of new support for the teeth.